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About Happy Tree Friends
Core: Wednesday/Thursday 7pm-11pm Server Time (CST)
Weekend: Saturdays 7-?? Sever Time (CST)
  • This team consists of our most talented players who want to push the limits. This team normally starts at 25-30 people in heroic difficulty, as we approach Mythic or have issues in the raid we shave the numbers down to push content. (See the **LEGION** Tab for raid requirements)
  • Weekend raid follows the posted minimum requirements as they are working on heroic and possibly mythic eventually. Codypope-Shadowmoon runs that team
Link to Warcraft Logs 

Our RBG team is currently recruiting dedicated PvPers. Contact Roarrie (Mogwii/Bunnygirl) for information or check the in-game calendar for events.

-If interested in raiding please feel free to contact Mim-Shadowmoon or Äviri-Shadowmoon (Alt 0196) or for the Weekend team Codypope-Shadowmoon via PST or in-game mail!

*If you are interestes in becoming part of the <Happy Tree Friends> community please feel free to message any online member for an invite!*


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